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Welcome to Writing Help Online!

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Welcome to Writing Help Online
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From the Style Guides

Documenting Personal Letters using MLA

If one of your sources is a personal letter written to you, begin your bibliography entry with the writer's name and add the phrase, "Letter to the author," followed by the date.

Ridgeway, Daniel. Letter to author. 6 May 2001.

Source: Hacker 2003, 367

On Rhetoric

What, exactly, is rhetoric?
"Rhetoric," from the ancient Greek, means "oratory," or a way of speaking. Over time, it also came to mean the act of writing. In both cases, the use of rhetoric is the same: it is a way to persuade an audience using logos, ethos, and pathos. However, the term has evolved over time and has taken on a contextual meaning. If you aren't confused by now, you soon will be. More ...

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