Formatting Papers Checklist

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Unless you are using a typewriter or writing with quill and ink, the formatting of your paper will invariably involve the mastering of certain digital literacy skills. Be sure to review your instructor's specific formatting needs for the assignment, including what style guide, if any, is to be used.

The Assignment

• Each page is numbered consecutively.

• A standard serif font, such as Times or Times New Roman is used.

• The font size is 12 points.

• Line spacing is double-spaced with one-inch margins at top, bottom, and sides.

• The title of the paper clearly relates to its contents, to the research question, or to the essay’s writing prompt. 

Tables, Illustrations, and other Matter

• Tables and illustrations are properly captioned and include sources.

• Tables do not split across pages.

• Abbreviations are properly spelled out in their first occurrence or are included in a table of abbreviations.