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[[Power Words and Phrases Cheat Sheet]]
[[Power Words and Phrases Cheat Sheet]]
==Sample Pages==
[[APA "Lorem Ipsum"]]
[[MLA "Loren Ipsum"]]
[[Turabian "Lorem Ipsum"]]
==Digital Literacy==
==Digital Literacy==

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These documents provide you with quick ways to answer pressing questions, especially if you are on deadline. They, of course, are not meant to replace comprehensive knowledge on the topics. For more in depth discussions, refer to the reference links below to articles found under the other portals.

Ready to proof your paper? Check out the Common Mistakes portal before tuning in your paper.

Style Guides

Guide to APA Style

Guide to MLA Style

Guide to Turabian Style including quick tips on Chicago

Guide to AP Style


Formatting Papers Checklist

Figures and Tables Checklist

Style and Usage Checklist

Citing Sources Checklist

Parts of a Paper Checklist

Rhetorical Analysis Checklist

Grammar, etc.

Grammar Cheat Sheet

Punctuation Cheat Sheet

Power Words and Phrases Cheat Sheet

Sample Pages

APA "Lorem Ipsum"

MLA "Loren Ipsum"

Turabian "Lorem Ipsum"

Digital Literacy

Using RefWorks

Using Write N Cite

Using Zotero